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MC Cadenza Black


オルトフォンはMC Jubileeで磁気回路を革新し、電磁変換効率の画期的な向上と振動系実効マスの大幅な低減に成功しました。この時に生まれた画期的磁気回路とダンピングシステムは、オルトフォンの技術の大きなステップでした。Cadenza BlackはMIM(Metal Injection Molding)の内部機構をベースにオルトフォンが誇る最高技術WRD(Wide Range Damping-system)と、コイルには伝説のカートリッジとなったSPU 85 Anniversaryで使用した金と6N銅の複合線「Aucurum」を使用。その豊かな表現力はまさにCadenzaシリーズの最高機種に相応しい内容となっています。


●出力電圧:0.33mV ●周波数帯域:20Hz-60,000Hz ●ダイアモンド針:Nude Shibata ●カンチレバー:ボロン ●適正針圧:2.3g ●自重:10.7g  ●JAN:5705796230147

The Cadenza series

At Ortofon we constantly look for new technology to be used in our products and push the performance of existing technology. Thus we assure the highest level of performance and quality. The Kontrapunkt models and MC Jubilee became market standards and are among our most popular cartridges. Nevertheless Ortofon decided to develope a new cartridge series that is even more ambitious.

By carefully implementing cobalt-iron pole pieces, new improved winding process on the armature, using extruded aluminium housing in the models as well as other changes, we have been able to reveal new possibilities in performing the analogue information. It was also decided to make a more complete range of cartridges, which meant an introduction of a moving coil Cadenza Mono model to support our customers, who have an extended interest in micro groove mono records.

The story about Cadenza

Cadenza (from Italian: meaning cadence) refers to a portion of a concert in which the orchestra stops playing, leaving the soloist to play alone in free time, without a strict, regular pulse. A cadenza can be written or improvised. It’s usually the most elaborate and virtuosic part the solo instrument plays during the whole piece. At the end of the cadenza, the orchestra re-enters, and generally finishes off the movement.

During the 19th century, composers began to write cadenzas out in full. Others wrote cadenzas for works, where the composer had intended for the solo to be improvised, in order for the soloist to have a well formed solo that they could practice in advance. Some of these have become so widely played and sung that they are effectively a part of the standard repertoire.